Drizzling & Twizzlers Oh & Kissing.

From the rumours around school I had heard a boy named Nate was going to kiss me! I was thirteen at the the time and so was Nate.

Nate was half American and half French, he was sort of cute in a peculiar way... he had adorable chocolate eyes and blondish brownish hair. Whenever he got stressed, frustrated or mad he had this incredibly cute expression across his face. Something about him made me curious...?

However when I bumped into me at lunch he told very awkwardly that he turned the dare down, he didn't want his first kiss to be forced and laughed over as a joke. At first I agreed but then later I sort of wondered what it would be like if he did kiss me outside the cafeteria... because at that moment we were alone.

After school I saw him at Starbucks where we chatted for a bit, the atmosphere was so weird and incredibly scary. I kept staring at his lips the entire time. He accidentally blurted out that he liked me and right afterwards he denied it in embarrassment. That's when I told him I had homework to do at home... I left without my kiss.

As I walked home I replayed our conversation in my mind, remembering every word he said. I was mad at myself for obsessing over him because quite frankly I never took much notice of him before until today. I never really seemed interested in him or even talked to him much. I only shared two lessons with him. Was I starting to like him?
My thoughts were disturbed by someone calling ,"Hey Mackenzie! Wait up..." I froze because I recognised the distinct, voice. It was Nate.
In one hand he lugged his backpack and in the other was a pack of red cherry twizzlers- my favourite type of candy.
"I felt like I owed you since you paid for my frappucino earlier," he said avoiding making eye contact with me, he was sort of cute when he was shy... I liked it, "So I fished out my spare change and got you this. I remembered you said that twizzlers were your favourite candy in a survey last year... You still love them right?"
At that moment there was a slightly drizzle on the deserted pavement, not too heavy to make your hair damp but not too light to make it seem invisible. It was summer but the drizzling looked and felt icy like snow. It was beautiful.
"Sorry, I should of brought an umbrella for you, not candy... that was stupid." He looked down, about to shove the twizzlers back in his back pack when I stopped him.
"No, no! I love twizzlers, the drizzling is refreshing. It's fine... really." I took the candy from him gratefully... That was when my gaze caught his.

Slowly he dropped his backpack on the pavement, ignoring the slightly damp tiles and didn't take my eyes off me. He leant forward first, tilting his head to the left as I shut my eyelids listening to the pitter patter of the drizzle, the crunching of the candy wrapper in my hand and my blood pumping around my body in fear and slight excitement... I felt lost in the world of hazy young 'love'. Finally I felt his warm lips gently on mine as I wrapped my arms around his neck still holding the twizzlers in my right hand. Seconds later I felt his arms around my waist. It was magical.

"You still owe me 25 cents." I say after we broke off the kiss. It was true a frappucino was slightly more expensive than a pack of twizzlers.
He smiled back at me all cute and and maybe slightly embarrassed, "I think the kiss makes up for it."

He was right. It did.
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