A Birthday To Remember

From the age of 6 I knew instinctively that I wanted to be a girl. That’s when I started asking my mother questions such as why I couldn’t wear dresses like her and why I couldn’t be like my mommy, etc. I just can’t explain why I wanted to be a girl; I just knew that I did.
My 8th birthday was the first time mother completely dressed me as a girl, and although it was so long ago I do remember my first dress was a light blue party dress. Being that I was young and challenged, with Cerebral Palsy that I had since birth, mom usually got me dressed. That birthday she surprised me by bringing in a little girls party dress into my bedroom, along with lingerie for me. The only thing I knew about were the white shoes, which had small one inch heels that she took me to be fitted for a few weeks prior to my birthday. Since I was physically challenged my mother believed in starting me in heels early. This way I could get used to wearing heels which really benefited me in the long run. She started putting white panties and a bra look vest on me and then took out a brand new pair of white sheer pantyhose from the package. From the first few minutes of her putting my stockings on, I loved how they felt! Then my full slip and new dress was put on, and finally she slipped my shoes on.

That day she took me out to have my ears pierced and then out to lunch. My new dress, shoes and earrings were my birthday presents that year!
When we got home mother told me she wasn’t going to change me into boy clothes because my new dress looked very pretty on me and some of my siblings would be coming over for cake and ice cream. Besides, my father knew I would be dressed as a girl and according to my mother he wanted to see me in my new dress. For a while my father didn’t mind mother dressing me as a little girl. However, as I grew older his resentment of mother dressing me each and every Saturday and most Sundays also grew.
Within about a year and an half from my 8th birthday I had a closet that was divided in half. Half was my boy clothes and half was for my dresses, skirts, sweaters and blouses. It became very routine that mother and I went to do the grocery shopping on Saturday, and two weeks after my 8th birthday mother insisted that I went with her dressed as a girl, including having my make up done and in heels. Some little girls wear sox and their Mary Jane shoes, but not I. Every time mother dressed me she would put stockings on me. Summer or winter, it didn’t matter, she put stockings on me.
Mother was never that big on dressing up herself, but when she started to feminize me she also started to wear dresses herself, in part to encourage me to be more willing to be like her. One feminine thing my mother did love is wearing high heels. She would wear them most every day and her usual heels were three to four inches high. When I complain about wearing my high heels, she would tell me to look at her heels and say “if I could wear my high heels all day, I think you can wear your high heels too.”
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What a wonderful birthday gift! Thank-you for sharing. I love blue and I imagine that your dress was absolutely wonderful.