her name was mel she was my best friend we hated eachothers guts at first but we were both oddballs and out-siders so we eventually became freinds we were the kids that did stupid things like ride trollies down hills we or eat worms for dares and for anyone who watches movies we played "love me if you dare" although i must say we werern't the most stable people to be around cause she was kinda violent and i was well just odd what i remember the best was the fights cause we would beat the livin daylights out of each other to get rid of anger on that note i now have constant reminder of her cause my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow feels no pain (she broke a bottle over it and a few shard went into my arm causeing minor surface nerve damage) but through all this she was still my best freind but we kinda fell apart and then one day i saw her again but this time she was stealing a car but even then i knew she was still my friend in there
shiftu shiftu
22-25, M
Jul 17, 2010