Yehp, my best friend from childhood, my FIRST EVER best friend, was named Lindsay. It's quite funny because, she's my cousin. xD We just never knew until about 5th grade when our moms told us. But yeah, I remember the good 'ol kindergarten days of playing legos with her, being partners for gym class, and even using the buddy system each time we went into the big scary *voice exaggeration* 1st grade bathrooms. xD It reminds me of a funny story i experienced with her involving the bathrooms..

(We were still in kindergarten at the time) And we both were deciding to go into the 1st grade bathrooms for the first time. Since we were in KINDERGARTEN, we couldn't really read that well. Well there were two doors leading to two different bathrooms.....boys and girls. We had NOOOOOOO idea which one was which so...guess which one we ended up going into? ....eeeyeahhh. The whole time we were in the stalls, we were wondering why in the world we kept hearing voices giggling! When we came out, there were about 6 guys all standing there laughing they're ***** off at us. SO, SO, embarrassing! For kindergarten girls anyway. I think about it now and laugh so's actually extremely funny when i think back now. Me and lindsay reminisce about that incident all the time...and i'm glad i'm still best friends with her. Well, the fact that she's my favorite and closest cousin helps. :P
ScarletDreams ScarletDreams
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010