...SWEET Mo!

BACK In 1964 our family moved to a new area!

Somehow, I met Mo!

A beautiful lass, we hit it off straight away!

Could never be lovers,but best of friends!

I spoke to her Yesterday and wished her a happy Birthday!

                                    45 years of friendship!

So very privileged to call her a friend!

Thank you Maureen!

mzdivine mzdivine
3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I wish I had a friend like that...we moved so much that most of my friends were lost in translation...

I know what you are saying!

Childhood friends are a particularly special gift to take into adulthood with you. Nobody ever knows you in quite the same way. My best friend from childhood is now married with two children, and lives on the other side of the continent. We email once every six months or so but never see each other or talk on the phone. I still love her but she's not a big part of my life any more, and that makes me sad.