A Chilean Fireball

I am an army brat, we moved around a lot. We did live in one small town for 4 years. Wasn't too excited about it then, it was a small town in the middle of nowhwere. As my friends and I referred to it " a small dirt town in the middle of butt-**** nowhere." That was a long time ago.

I still remember when she moved to town. A Chilean fireball in the middle of "butt-**** nowhere". We insantly became friends, I was like another daughter, sister, to her family. This was the beginning for my appreciation of other cultures and learning about 'manana time', lol :)

She eventually moved away. I remember going to visit her. It was my first solo trip, I was surprised that I was allowed to go so far away at 15. It was an exciting adventure! Freedom and seeing my best friend once again. What could be better?

I never saw her again after that and we eventually lost touch. She was a splash of colour in that dusty town. She still makes me smile when I think of her and our shenanigans. I wonder whatever happened to her,maybe she went back to Chile.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Makes you appreciate the rarity of true friendship that much more.<br />
I love those memories, they're so my life at that age, no one or nothing will ever change that.<br />
Good story <br />