Ohh Cassie Cassie Cassie :]

lol that was my best friend from childhood cassie she was quite the outspoken one very opposite of me. Well me met back in third grade i guess she took a liking towards me i don't know why but to ge my attention during class she would come around and just tap me on the head or when waiting in line to go back in class after recess she would playfully tug on my air i found it kinda annoying but didn't say anything since i was too shy. Well i told my step mom what was going on and things came out that she wanted to be my friend and we've been friends for bout 13 years now we're still pretty close, but have grown apart a little. I guess opposites do attract shes very outspoken and loud while i'm pretty chill and quiet.:] but i love her still

DarlingAngie DarlingAngie
18-21, F
Oct 27, 2009