Playing Doctor

I grew up in a small town where even young children had a great deal of autonomy on where we went and what we did. My best friend, from the time I was four years old, was a girl who lived a few hosues away, who was two grades ahead of me in school. Given our age difference, she was bigger and stronger than I.

Like most children, we were curious about the body of the other gender and we began taking our pants and underwear down so the other could look and, eventually, touch. Soon, we advanced to "role play" games that centered around taking our clothes off. We examined each other's genitals, would take rectal temperatures and generally touch each other. I would get erections and she would become lubricated. We rubbed each other and rubbed against each other. We never actually had intercourse, but only because neither of us knew what intercourse was.

I did similar activities with a few other girls in my neighborhood and one of my girl cousins, though not to the same extent. We played these games until I was 9 years old. It would be a few years before I would see another girl naked and touch her in those places.
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I had similar friends when I was younger, though it never went past touching. There was an older girl that I used to play "mommy" with and I used to get "punished". It was always something sexual but no penetration.

How were you punished?