Truth Or Dare

I remember playing truth or dare with my sister (5) my neighbor (girl about 10) my other neighbor (9) and his brother (7) and me (9). We would build forts or set up tents and play truth or dare and it usually led to somebody taking their clothes off. I remember one time laying down and my friends bother who was 7 (male) layed on me and we had our pants down and then he proceded to thrust, I remember it felt good but it didn't feel right, I wanted to be doing it with my neighbor who was a girl. Does this make me gay because im 100% sure im not.
Shooter51 Shooter51
18-21, M
3 Responses Oct 12, 2010

It sounds like a setup for some great times. Did you ever get to have the experiences you craved, with the girls?

Dont worry about it.. Most young kids do that stuff. At that age it just feels good, it doesnt necessarily mean anything.

Don't sweat it, you aren't gay if you don't have that attraction toward men. It's all good - a lot of us experimented at a young age.