Nasty 9 Year Old Neighbor Girl

My first sexual exsperience started when I was 10 years old, we lived next door to a family that had horses, There was a girl of 9 years of age by the name of Sandy. She was a long legged blonde that was the most sexiest thing I had ever seen, she always wore these short shorts that always made her *** hang out,I tryed not to stare but had no luck! One day I was playing in my yard and she always rode her horse about everyday, well this one day I heard her making som kind of moaning noises as she rode by, she did'nt have a clue I was there whatching her. I can remember being a little scared because I thougt she was hurt, but as soon as she started the moaning it wasn't long and it was over, well that got me wondering why and from that day forward I did my best to spy on her to find out why, it wasn't long before I noticed how she would get on the horse bare back and start off slow and then galloping and thats when the moaning started,it wasn't long she would be as far up front on the horse she could get and running full sprint, I was always amazed how she didn't fall off with her head held back and her eye's closed. Then I noticed from that day forward when she got off the horse I noticed that it look like she pee'ed in her shorts because the crotch was soaked and I thought at the time why she didn't pee before she got on the horse, well anyway she would always squatted down and looked at the horse's **** and just stared at it, it was almost always huge at full length, and thinking back now wondering if the horse could sense her ******, so one day she caught me spying on her and she wanted to know if I would like to ride with her one day and I said yes and was'nt but a few day's and I was sitting behind her on her horse and her doing her daily routine that it started, I started hearing start to moan and I remember how my **** rubbed against her as the horse ran and I guess she felt it to because she started pushing back on me so hard I thought I was going to get pushed off the horse, it wasnt long and I felt this strange feeling come over me and I looked down and it looked like I had pee'ed myself , I thought to myself whats up with riding horses's and peeing in your pants, but I new It was a great feeling I have never felt before and I know she knew it to because she just looked back at me and smiled, it wasnt long after that she moved away and never saw her again, I never look at people the same when I see them riding horse's .
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Enjoyed your story.

nice made my **** hard

My ***** is now soaking wet


I don't think I'll look at people riding horses the same either!

never again

I don't think I'll look at people riding horses the same either!

That was really hot and funny at the same time,lol

thats so hot tell me more