From 12 To 18

My earliest sexual experience was fooling around with a male friend when he taught me how to ********** properly. We ended up pulling each other off. I remember that even though we were the same age that his penis was easily twice as big as mine (what I didnt know was that I wouldnt actually get much bigger)
My first sexual experience with a girl was when I was 15. She let me feel her up but I never got near her ***** but she did ********** me - I came in about 10 seconds.
  The next girl I engaged with let me finger her and she pulled me off but again I only lasted about 10 seconds.
  I got my first **** when I was 17 going on 18. I totally rushed my awkward attempt at foreplay and came after about three thrusts. She ditched me unceremoniously and was mean enough to tell all her girlfriends what a tiny dicked lousy **** I was.
  I managed a few more one night stands (all were equally disappointed by my performance) but I managed to get my first steady gf (full sex version anyway) when I was 18 going on 19. We were together about 8 months or so before she ditched me for a friend of mine. (She had been ******* him for about a month on the sly prior to that) Although my foreplay skills (and patience) had improved greatly I was still a poor cocksman and never lasted more than a few minutes.
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