First Time Having Real Sex

I do have a good memory so I remember quite a bit about things I did when I was young.. Also about things that had to do with early sexual play with my own 'toys' or with some friends.. But I must say all those things pale in comparison to the first real time with a girl or actually with two (!!) girls (maybe that's the reason why it is so memorable :) Maybe it is same for all who have had sex at an early age or maybe even for all of us the first time is something that won't be forgotten, but for me the first time for sure is something special and I believe it's etched on my memory so deep that I will never forget..

I already wrote about this a bit elsewhere but had to write still a bit more as now when reading the first description I realized I missed most of the stuff that I actually like about my memory.. I mean I remember a lot of details like smells and short 'moments' of how did it all happen. Would be actually interesting to hear if this is common for others as well or am I somehow special when it comes to noticing details.. Or maybe it is so that if you keep on thinking about something for 10 years some of the details will just become so intense that you remember only those..

Anyway, I actually DON'T remember many of the event that lead into the actual 'thing' - or of course I remember it was three of us (me and my friend's little sister and her friend - I was 13 and they were both 11) and we ended up talking about boys and girls stuff and (from their initiative :) also ended up stripping nude, but all that I remember just vaguely, I mean I remember we talked about 'dirty stuff' and it was exciting and that I had huge erection before I even took down my pants (luckily the girls never got to see me soft which was actually still quite pathetic size when I was 13 but I actually grew quite a lot when erect so luckily they only got to see me like that :) but try asking me any other details like what exactly we talked about or so and I don't have a clue.

But from the time when it got 'heated' I remember a lot of detail. I remember exactly how my friend's sister looked like when she told me to 'try it in' a bit. She was on all fours on her bed and I still remember how her small bottom hole looked like (I thought it was cute - strange me :) and that her other opening was not really visible - I saw the red zone down there between her thighs but it was less visible than what I had expected and she had to basically spread herself open before I realized where I was supposed to 'try it in' a bit.

I did not have condom (actually I did not even think about needing it as I somehow did not think I was going to have sex with her but somehow thought I just try it in :) and I remember exactly how did 'it' look when it went into her and I remember almost every second when it all by sudden just 'slipped' in and then went deeper like very easily. Other boys can probably second this but it is a really special feeling to see your penis sliding into girl - of course it felt fun as well but I liked to see it happening as well.

She did not tell me to pull it out and for me it felt just very normal to keep it in there and pull back and forth so we ended up having sex for real. Of course I already knew from sex ed how are you supposed to do 'it' and it was surprisingly easy. Maybe I was just lucky but I sometimes wonder how do people write that they've had difficulties or erection problems with their first time - or maybe they just started too old, they should have started at 13 :) At least for me in that age the only erection problem was that I couldn't simply get rid of the erection as long as there was a naked girl in the room. I remember being quite nervous (but excited) back then but it did not bother my little friend - it was hard as rock all the time :)

I ended up playing and having sex with both of them a few times before it stopped and I also learned that girls can be quite different from each other. They were both really curious and not shy at all, actually I think they were less shy than I was but maybe it's because it was two of them.. But they were quite different - the other one was much more difficult to get into and she also smelled different but she was even more cute than my friend's little sister so I secretly liked her even more even though I never told them of course :)
Laurik Laurik
22-25, M
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Great story about first time sex, I know sex in the 60's was fun times.

Hot age, great story thanks.