I remember when i was with my boyfriend, (who is now my ex) we went out on a date. We went to the park that we usually went to. It was a rainy day, but we didnt mind to much because it was light and i had an umbrella. After walking around a bit, we sat down at a bench, i chose a quietish area, where people could only get a glance if they were walking by. We sat down on a coat and i sat on his lap. I was still holding the umbrella over us, and we started to kiss. We were there for a few minutes, but when i looked up i saw someone there looking at us. I stopped and said to him, "Patrick I think theres someone looking at us." (Changed name)
"I think theres someone taking a picture of us!"
We both looked around and saw an older french man staring at us with a camera.
"Sorry, the moment was so perfect! If you want, you give me email and i send to you?"
"Umm, no thanks..."
He said ok, and left. I still felt kinda embarrased afterwards so we got up and started walking the opposite way. After a few minutes, we saw him again sitting on a different bench looking at his camera, so we speed walked away. For the rest of our date i felt nervous like someone was watching us.

I remember a few weeks later he told me that he told his friends and they said that we should have given him our email! About a week ago the expierience popped into my head , so i had a look on the internet to see if i could find it but i couldnt.
Its one of those weird memorys you will never forget :P
(If you think you found the picture, tell me id actually love to see it now!)
Eviexk Eviexk
13-15, F
Dec 15, 2012