Talk About Horrible Timing...

We started dating as freshman and ,typical of high-school relationships, we were off and on for about a two years. I loved her so much. She always seemed to think I needed something better but all I ever really wanted was her. I couldn't take the madness of it anymore and ended it.  After that we quit talking for a long time, but right before we graduated we started to talk again.

It was kind of strange at first. There were many awkward conversations as we caught up on each others lives. She left for college and we still talked. I even started to think about us again. I told her about it and she didn't mind the idea. However we both decided not to rush things and spend a little more time with each other first.

Then she died. There was an accident and both her and her mother were killed. (Her mother is a totally different story. Great woman and way before her time as well.) I was given the honor of being a pau-bear for her at her funeral.

Its strange to think that its been more than a year now. I still think about her almost every day and from time to time I still cry. I'm not dwelling or anything. I've moved on but I still remember my ex.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Aww. I guess we never really stop loving people. I wish i could say the same for me and my ex....