She Did Not Know Him

A few yrs ago , my wife and I were asked to a community Halloween party in costume. She enjoys getting dressed up, I wenjoy watching her getting ready. This time she rented a white ballet costume. It was to be worn with nothing under it. She got excited at the idea since norrmally she is quite modest. She was qhite a success at the party which was over a hundred people. . She was dancing with various men who neither of us knew. and then she disappeared. I looked every where but no wife and the party was ending. Finally she showed up looking very embarassed. and wearing a mans jacket She had borroew it and would not take it off because the zipper at the back of the rented costume had come undone and jammed. . We did not talk about it until we got home. . I seems that he had takern her to his car to talk and it happened in his car. . Luckily he had a spare jacket in the car. . That night she was very willing to go to bed with me. He picked his jacket up later in the week. We still see him at times. He and i kid her about that night. We know him quite well now.
That is my favorite costume .
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Oct 31, 2011