1st 3sum With A Married Couple

After years of dreaming of being involved in a ********* I finally found a couple who would let me spend an evening of sex with them.
I turned up at their house and was instantly greeted in the lounge with the wife in stockings and a basque wearing high heels and a come **** me look on her face.
Her husband offered me a drink and we sat down on the sofa with her in the middle.
She put each a hand on our laps and started to rub my **** and her husbands. I was starting to get hard when she asked if we should all go upstairs to the bedroom.
Holding both our hands she lead us up the stairs and into the bedroom, then sat on the bed and told us to undress.
I could not get out of my clothes fast enough and me and her husband stood in front of her naked sporting hard ***** which she took in each hand and stroked them.
She then moved her mouth towards my **** and with a look at her husband, he said "go on honey" and she put her mouth around my ****.
She had sucked my **** for a few minutes then moved onto her husbands, and started sucking his ****, then back to mine, all the time I had my hand rubbing her ***** and fingering her.
The next time she put her mouth around her husbands **** I moved down to taste her *****, my tongue was greeted with the wetness of her ***** and her **** was hard and prominent just waiting to be licked.
Moaning as my tongue licked her slit and her mouth full of **** she started to grind into my face then her husband told me he wanted to see her ******.
She lay on her back and I put her legs on my shoulders and thrust my hard **** into her now soaking wet *****, as it slid in she carried on sucking her husbands ****.
I was ******* her hard and she was sucking him hard and he was just watching my **** slid in and out of her ***** waiting for me to ***, which I did as I pulled my **** out to *** over her ***** as he asked me to.
We the swapped and she put my limp **** in her mouth as she sat on her husband and began to ride him and suck my **** back to hardness.
With my **** hard again she said those words I will never forget "put it in my bum". Taken back by what she suggested I looked at her husband for approval and was given some lub to put on and got behind her and rubbed some on her arsehole and pushed my **** slowly in her tight hole as she continued to sit on her husbands ****.
I could feel his **** as if it was next to mine and we ****** her ***** and arse together until we both exploded inside her.
What an evening it was and we have arranged another one soon and I am so looking forward to it as she wants to be ****** and licked at the same time as hubby wants to try **** as it slids in and out of her ***** and I a quite willing to help
welshguy34 welshguy34
41-45, M
Nov 26, 2012