My Brother Tricked Me.

I started this group for folks to share thier first bi experience. Regardless of age, sex whether it was a relative or not. And how it might have shaped your sex life. As for me my first time was with my brother, I was 5 and he was nine. My parents were carnival folks, we traveled a good bit and we boys had a lot of time on our hands. One day it was raining and our parents were on the mid-way working. Gary and I were in the trailer with not a lot to do. He said, close your eyes and open your hand and I'll give you a surprise. I did and he put a tootsie roll in my hand. Then he said, close your eyes and open your mouth and I'll give you a surprise. I did and he put a tootsie roll in my mouth. I was liking this game. Then he asked me if I would like a real gooey chocolate surprise and I said yes. he said ok but for this one you can only suck it you can't chew it. I said ok, and he said I would have tto be blind folded Because it's a secret. I said ok. he put the blind fold on me and after a few seconds he told me to open my mouth, I did and got a lot of chocolate, He had poured choocolate syrup on his **** and had me suck it. He only left it in a few seconds, then asked if I wanted more. I said yes. I don't really rember when I became aware of what I was sucking on. But he left in a little longer each time. Then once the chocolate was all gone but it was still in my mouth, I remember I liked the way it felt, he took the blind fold off, and I kept on sucking he asked if I liked it, I said yes and then he started sucking mine, I liked that. And of course it became our secret. Over the years we continued sucking each, other he was the first to *** in my mouth. I know he was sucking a few other dicks, one, was our cousin, which I sucked also on ocassion. Gary joined the Army when he was 17, He became a liifer, got married and we never had a lot of contact after that. When we did get together we never talked about the younger days. I really think he was embarssed by the whole thing. I continued sucking dicks I had my cousin untill he grew up and got married. My best friend, who I introduced to the bi side when we were 11, thats a fun story, but later. I didn't have any experience with girls untill I was 13. Another story. Now, how has it affected me? Well I'm Bi thats for sure, my biggest problem was comming to terms with that, back in those days. With my first marriage I didn't share that part of my life and every now and then I would go to the Gay side of town to get a **** fix lol. Things are easier today, I wish there would have been an EP back then. But I do enjoy both sides of the fence and have been lucky to have had several partners over the years to enjoy them with.
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interesting...liked the story.