Tennis Anyone?

I loved watching tennis on tv as a kid. It was during the glorious time of Connors, McEnroe, and Borg. It made me want to play so my mom bought me racket. I started hanging around the local courts and became pretty good at it. I was 13 at the time and there was an older guy there a lot and we played a lot. He taught me quite a bit about tennis. He'd stand behind me and hold my arms and show me how to hit a shot. He'd stand really close and I really liked it when he did, though I didn't let on. He was 20. He wore white tennis shorts all the time and always wore colorful guys briefs that were pretty visible under those white shorts. That turned me on....a lot!!! He and I started hanging out after tennis. We'd go get a soda and sit in the park and just talk about things. It was all innocent at first. I really loved that this older guy wanted to hang out with this young 13 year old. I thought he was so cool and I really was attracted to him. Maybe I couldn't hide my attration and affection for him, because he did pick up on it. One day outta nowhere we were playing tennis and he bent over and was wearing red bikini briefs under those tight white tennis shorts and i just stared at his hot ***.I was frozen looking at it. He said "get a good view???" I turned more red than those sexy briefs he had on, but he just laughed. We finished playing tennis and went and got our usual soda but this time he asked if I wanted to go back to his apartment. I quickly said yes. We got there and sat down on the couch and he said "you like me don't you?" I said "sure I do". He said "no, you WANT me don't you?" and my voice lowered to an embarrassed pitch when I said "I love you Ithink". He laughed and said "you're cool too, but no one can know if we do anything ok???" I said "i won't tell anyone". He had a girlfriend at the time. He said "what do you want to do?" I said "to see you without those shorts on". He stood up and took off his shorts and his hard-on was obvious in those stunning bikini briefs he had on. I touched his **** thru those briefs and he was already leaking precum. I had only maturbated, I had no other sexual experience at all. But I wanted that ****! He took off his briefs and said "you wanan suck me?" I had heard of ******** but had never seen one given. I said "what do I do?" He said "just put my **** in your mouth and start sucking" which I dutifully did. My God I loved it! He was around 6 1/2 inches erect, perfect for sucking. I gagged a little when he stuck it further in but was able to maintain control. He came in my mouth in about 4 mintues. My **** was bigger than his even at that early age. I had 7 1/2 inches early on in life. He wouldn't suck me but he saw my hard on and jacked me off. I had come before but never like that. After we cleaned up he made me swear again to never tell anyone and I promised. We had several more sessions like that until he transfered to another college far away. I hated to see him go. He was my first of many and I'll always remember him. He gave me some of his underwear that I loved so much as a parting gift. I wish I still had those!
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I had some really fun times at that age; but, it was always with a friend that was my age. I might have been afraid if the other guy had been older than me. At 13 a 20 year old guy is old. LOL! Only to be 13 or 20 again. I have memories, though!

First times are usually the best times.<br />
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I think of mine every day.....<br />
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Thanks for sharing

Thanks guys. It was fun to share that. You never forget your first!

Wish I had experienced some hot friends like that when I was younger!