I Was 14

We were swimming at a secluded park in town, I was giving my Mike a ride on my shoulders his tiny penis fell out of the leg of his shorts and into my ear, Beth started to laugh.. she was older 16  she reached out and grabbed it,, I instantly got har in my speedo,we wrestled and played the tension was very high...we just slid onto the bank of the creek took off our suits and playe with Beth kissed and played with her naked kitty while she stroked Mike and me, we didn't last long we all came I thin in about three minutes..... Beth put my hand on Mikes **** it felt strange but good he just smiled I began stroking him he got hard in a second....Beth put his **** in my mouth he almost came right away... she shared it with me..... Mike and I took turns wih Beth.... This was a life changing experience

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great story such a fantastic and open first time

wow you two were sooooooooo lucky in finding a woman that was so open and hot.. can understand why it changed your outlook on life!

That's exactly what I wanted but never got in my youth. If I could turn back the clock, things would turn out much sexier. I would be one busy teenager.

yep that should do it.....

I woulds say it was...hot story for being so young....<br />

I am jealous

Nothing like having fun when you don't realize exactly what you're doing. I remember the good old days.

Wish it was me.