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I was 8 years old and this was in the 70's. I used to hang with a guy that lived next door to me. He was a year younger. I'd hang at his house because he had cable. Sometimes his parents would leave us at his house alone. When we were alone he wanted to play. Usually just fondling. I was always ashamed and nervous. I thought it was wrong. I remember once (and the last) he went down on me. I was positioned so I could see if his parents pulled back into the driveway. At this point in life, I had never had an ******. I didn't know there was such a thing. I had no idea why him going down on me felt good. But he was moving his tongue around on me then I exploded. I jerked a couple of times because it became intense. He jumped up and looked out the window thinking I jumped because his parents came home. I quickly pulled up my pants. I was scared because I had never felt this before. I thought I was "broken" I could barely stand my pants touching me because it tikled. I went home in a hurry. He didn't know what had happened. That's when ************ started. 

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i understand those feeling know it was worng but it just felt so right

Thanks for the story, it reminded me of when I was 5ish. I used to go over to a friends house and we suck on each other alot. Unfortunately he moved away shortly there after and I didn't find another penis until I was in college.