My First Time

It started with just being curious about what it was like, more of the mental aspect of it, like "hmmm, I wonder what it's like to suck a ****".  So I started searching on yahoo groups and found a guy near me.  I was really nervous the first time, and actually backed out a couple times, but the guy was cool and totally understood my nervousness.  I finally met up with him at his place.  He could tell I was nervous so asked if I wanted to start with him massaging me.  We went to his bedroom and he started massaging me while still fully clothed.  As I got more comfortable, I started to take off my clothes and was soon down to my underwear.  He quickly followed my lead.  It was feeling really good, so I finally got naked at which time he asked if he could suck me.  It felt so good when he sucked my **** into his mouth.  He took his time and just made me feel amazing.  I stopped him and asked if I could suck his ****, figuring since I had gone so far as meeting with the guy and him sucking me, that I might as well try it myself.  The second his **** entered my mouth, I knew I loved it.  I'm sure I wasn't that good, but he encouraged me and told me how good I was making him feel.  We eventually moved to just ******* each other off until we both came.  Still probably one of the biggest loads I've ever shot...I shot a huge amount and it went over my head.  All I can say is that it was HOT!

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Good story thanks for sharing. Please add me to your circle.

congratulations on taking the chance & trying something new for the 1st time :) & meeting a good guy. it took some courage & i'm sure u were nervous but u got over it. it gives me some courage for me to try it, if that is what i choose to do in the future. just gotta make sure i meet a guy who's patient & understands i might backout a few times but willing to go thru. sounds like u got a pretty open wife which is real cool too.

Good luck on finding a good guy - if some guy isn't willing to wait for you to be comfortable to go forward, he's not the right guy for you. I was very lucky with all the guys or couples that I hooked up with in that they were very understanding and willing to go with the flow for me. Good luck, be safe, and follow your gut...and hopefully enjoy tasting **** for the first time.

thanks i will keep on looking.......for what i don't know but i'll keep on looking lol! definatly would wanna be with some1 who understood this is unfamiliar for me.

I would love to have seen that *** shot. Amazing

Great story......

Great first experience. Sounds like you ran into the perfect person to allow you to explore that itch.

Isn't it great?

Love to see that!

Great Story!! Did u continue sucking ****? Love to hear more Oral Stories!!

Hot!! Did you continue to suck ****?

Yes, I continued to suck ****. It's been awhile since I've had one though. Got a girlfriend and got married, so haven't sucked any since I got with her.

Yes, I told her about my past sucking adventures and even showed her some pics. We've talked about a *********, but it hasn't happened yet. She does seem to enjoy me sucking her strap on or ******, so there is a possibility.

Great Story!!

Very nice story, I only hope I can find someone as understanding as him. My craving for **** only gets stronger each day

So does mine. Anymore my whole day is spent fantasizing about a ****. Be it sucking, *******, jacking off,whatever. Sure makes it hard to get anything done

I have had many massages which have ended with the other guy giving me a hand release or sucking my ****, and I have tried sucking a couple guys *****, but just wasn't that turned on by sucking them, what I think would be awesome, would be to watch a guy **** my wife, then lick there *** off his **** and out of her *****.

I enjoy sucking, but I like your idea of watching a guy **** my wife and then licking her clean and cleaning off his ****

Very hot.

NIce. Great straightforward way to get some experience and relieve that curiosity.

Hot time. Great you had so much fun.

Hot story man! got me hard... would love to see the video of that!!!

And so it starts, you will always need to suck

Hey that was great , I love my first time.

Sounds just like my first time at sucking a ****. Now I like doing it at least once a month on the side. My current G/F doesn't know about it and I know she would flip out!!

miked69....I loved it! Ended up having a steady suckbuddy (a different guy) for a few years. It's been awhile since I've had a nice hard **** in my mouth so may have to change that

Have you been existing on a steady diet of *****? I do too but every now and then the feel of a **** in my mouth becomes a craving. I hope all your encounters are happy and erotic!

Yes, I've been on a steady diet of *****....and totally understand the feeling about every now and then have a big time craving for ****.

Mmmm, hot story !

So byby, have sucked more since that first time? tell us about it!

I remember my first time as well...I knew I needed to do it again...

Mmm... and I LOVE the practice!

Nothing like that first time. On the other hand, practice makes perfect!

Yeah, those first times are both scary and exciting.