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My First Bj With My Sister

In my young teens I developed a crush on my older sister, Kelly. When I was a freshmen she was a Senior, and she was actually a very nice older sister. She wasn't very popular, but I didn't know why. She was a little shy, but behind her glasses she was an incredibly attractive girl. She didn't do sports, but played int he band and spent most of her time in Japanese Club. Anyway, at first I developed a crush on a friend of hers and that had its run. We flirted for a few weeks, and once the friend even invaded my detention to give me a peck on the cheek, but it never amounted to anything more than that. I think it was then that my sister got a lil jealous.

She had always been protective of my, and I always loved her for it. But this was different. I started...wanting her. I never had a panty fetish or anything, but I would go through her drawer to see what she wore. She wasn't a ****, and to my knowledge she had only been with one guy who dumped her and that was it. I used to dream about coming to her emotional rescue, comforting her, kissing her. During that time, I was still a virgin and used to...hump a pillow until I came at night. This was a dangerous habit bc I had to wait until it was super late and everyone in the house was asleep before I could start. Then by the time I would finish I would just fall asleep, and sometimes forget to clean up or put back on my pajamas.

One night I woke to my sister hovering over me. She said she had heard me moaning and thought I was having a nightmare, when in reality I had just came all over the spare pillow and had accidentally passed out. She handed me my clothes and took the pillow. She could see how embarrassed I was and just looked at me. She asked me if I had been fantasizing about her and I said yes. Then, to my surprise, she stuck out her tongue and licked some of my *** off the pillow and said "next time just let me know." Then she left the room.

It was weeks later that homecoming came around. My date ended up sick, and so I was just another freshmen at the dance...alone. Kelly apparently heard about this and arrived at the dance last minute. She asked me to dance,and said not to worry because no one would notice. She we danced in the crowd a couple of times. Then the most stupid song came on, and I couldn't believe the school heads didn't shut it down. GET LOW started playing, and pretty much everyone around started practically humping on the dance floor. The dance was mostly dark, and Kelly turned her back to me and started rubbing her *** on my crotch. She would dip low, stick out her ***, and rub it up my **** on her way up. She only did it a couple times before she laughed and whispered "I'm sure you'd like to skeet skeet right about now."

She grabbed my hand and led me out of the gym We slipped into the auditorium where it was completely dark, and she brought me back stage behind one of the large red curtains. She looked at me and said that she loved me, and that I was the only gentleman she knew. She said that my first homecoming should be memorable. She had lost her virginity her first homecoming and had regretted it ever since, but she wanted to make up for it. I remember trying not to have a nervous heart attack when she dropped to her knees and started messing with my zipper.

When she pull down my boxers my stick **** was standing straight up. I remember she actually stared at my **** for awhlie, and then looked up at me as said that it was bigger than her ex's. She used her tongue all around the shaft, over my balls, and even beneath my balls. She took in the head of my **** and I remember the shivers that went through my body. I couldn't decide what to focus on more. The fact that this was my first BJ or that it was my sister. Kelly could tell that I wasn't going to last long so she stood up and whispered into my ear "I'm going to deepthroat you, and when you're ready I want you to *** in my mouth. You're sister's mouth." She smiled at me and then bent down and took my entire **** in her mouth. I could feel the head of my **** slide along the roof of her mouth and then slip down her throat. She only bobbed her head a few times before I couldn't hold it anymore. My *** erupted like a volcano and I kept convulsing as I came more and more. Kelly chocked a little but kept swallowing as I came.

When I was finished, she dressed me back up and then stood up to face me. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. "See, I swallowed all of it. You don't need to *** on a pillow anymore." She hugged me and thanked me for making her final homecoming memorable.
Then I finally spoke and simply said "What happens now?" Obviously I loved the experience but was still shell shocked that it had happened.
She smiled again and said "I have some of you inside me, so I belong to you. We will do this again, and more when you're ready." Then she giggled and skipped to an exit and back to the dance. I remember standing there for the longest time, and then chasing after her.

I'd like to her a female's side of this, see what you girls think. I've never been able to tell any female friends about this.
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