My First Was In A Bathhouse, First Time There

In San Francisco, a bathhouse called Daves. I was mostly curious but horny.  Never been in one before. In one area, nude guys laying on the floor. I didn't know what that was exactly about.  Went by rooms, stopped in one where there was a guy. He asked me to set by him, and he massaged my **** then went down on me. It was so good.  Now I am curious what those nude guys were about.  

Years later I went in another one in LA, feeling kind of sexy but timid. I had come in wearing one of those ceremonial white shirts that could look a little like a blouse. Guys in the shower were really looking at me and my ****. But I went in my room, they wre not my desire. Heard heavy breathing and flesh movements in another room. Closed the door and someone kept knocking. I left.

handybob handybob
61-65, M
Mar 12, 2010