Long Ago ...

I remember when I first saw him. He was an amazing looking black guy in 8th grade. We were 11 or 12 years old and actually met in gym class.

I wasn't that coordinated and most of the boys told me I played like a 'girl'. Even though I knew it was true and didn't care guess I looked sad enough that he started talking to me. Not to help me play basketball or anything, just talking.

Well pretty soon we were always together talking in school ans on the walk to school. We were together all through school till we graduated high school.

He was tall, athletic, with dark brown skin, and had the most piercing deep dark brown eyes. He was smart, considerate and could make me laugh. He always made me feel special. Whether just walking and talking, holding hands or kissing ... he let me know he was glad I was his girl. 

He played football and basket ball in High School so every Friday night I was in the stands cheering him on and every basketball game I was there doing the same. When the games were over, well we did what those our age did. Dated! Went to movies, amusement parks, regular parks, skating but I think the best part of it all was just that we were together.

When in High School and did go together and people did stare at us because he was black and I was white, but that didn't stop us. Back then it wasn't always the easiest of times for a girl like me. But we were almost always with our friends and guess when we met some who didn't like us together we felt safe with our friends. This wasn't often so it really left a lot of time to just have fun and enjoy being together.

We eventually did break up because he went away to college and our paths haven't never crossed again. I do think about him now and again with warm feelings.

One thing remains true ever since then ... I have been hooked on good looking black men.

Well, I'm not complaining. It's just a fact of my life.
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2012

so delicious - Love your profile and stories - hope you add me to your circle

How can you bear to have had a lover and not know what became of him?

I'd like to know but I've never been back there since I left years and years ago. Too many other sad and even hurtful memories.

Is it true that most black men are better hung than the average white man? Remember, I may be looking for a man as well one of these days

I would imagine there are well hung men in all races ... my experience has been with Black men. In my life they have been above, better than average in size and ohhhhhh so filling and fulfilling.

Some day I am going to ask you all about it, and I am Jealous!