I Never Had A Training Bra

My first bra was handed to me by my mother after she went shopping.  She had two for me and two for herself.  Hers were both blue and were 38G.  Mine were both yellow and white (now my favorite colors) and size 32A.  Less than a month later she got me three white 32B and one white one 32C.  Just before school started in the fall I was wearing 34C
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Cool , So what size did U grow 2 by now ??

Hi,<br />
There is a group on Fashion Incubator web site with info on making your own bras to fit. <br />
Some are for comfort, others are for work and such. <br />
Whats nice is setting where you want the nipple line to fall. <br />
<br />

Nice! Like Neffo asked, what size are you now?