Getting My First Bra

When i got my first bra i was 13 and very girly but i didnt got my periods till tht day my mother asked my small chubby sister for some trainning bras as her boobs were poking out her shirt ...the next day i asked my sister can i try ur trainning bra she said ok and i tried them they were really comfortable ...i asked my mother that mom can u by me a good quality of inners because my boobs poke out too and my mom was like why didnt you told me befor after somedays when we went for shopping my mother bought me 2 bras of size 32a n i was very happy to wear them it just made me feel as if now i dont care to hide my boobs with my hands or any stuff...
hagunpadu hagunpadu
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Fabulous sweetie

Thnk u