Better Late Than Never

Growing up in a budget restricted household, things like unnecessary underwear and "fancy" bikini panties were pretty much out of the question. I did hint a few times about bras at 10, and 11, but mom was right in that there really was no need. I was stage 1, and a undershirt or cami was more than adequate.

It wasn't until the summer before starting 7th grade did it become a big deal. During a sleepover with 5 other friends, the topic of school came up, and one of the girls mentioned that in 7th grade gym, everyone had to change into school gym clothes. Basically, a school branded T-shirt and shorts. I didn't know that. Then another girl joked how now everyone will know that a girl named Holly stuffed her bra. Of course we all giggled and laughed uncontrollably, but inside i was dying because everyone would also know that im still braless; Not one of the gang; still a little girl. The idea that people would be saying things behind my back, or at their own sleepovers was mortifying. I made it my mission to change this situation, but fast!

The next morning while driving home from the sleepover, I asked my mom if I could get a bra. "This again?? Honey, I told you that we'll get you one when you need it, I promise!". I remember being sad about that reply, and mom picked up on it right away. When we came to a stop sign, she turned to me and said in a very concerned, and calming way, "Kel, really. I know its something you want, and when the time is right, you and I will have a special mother/daughter shopping day... just you and me. OK? "

Mom always knew how to sooth. I did feel better, but not entirely. So I said, "Ok.. but when?" Then mom half heatedly explained about sizes and cups, and "how I wouldn't even fill half a cup yet". I understood, but than she helped my anxiety by finishing the conversation with "soon kel... real soon. Promise".

The next few days past, and i kept looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, wondering. I sure looked like i would be at least a half a cup size, at least to me. So, I decided to find out!

Mom walked in on me checking myself out in the mirror, and hiding something behind my back. "What are you hiding Kelly??" Mom asked, knowing full well I didn't naturally stand at attention with my hands behind my back.

I said nothing.

Kelly? I asked you a question.

Looking down at the floor, I showed mom my secret, and in my hand was a measuring cup from the kitchen - 1/2 cup!

Confused, my mom asked of course what I was doing with it, and I explained what she had told me in the car a few days ago. "You said you didn't think i was 1/2 cup yet, so i wanted to measure and guess what I think I am 1/2 cup!"

My mom burst out laughing and couldn't stop for 2 full minutes. Me, on the other hand was not laughing. I was serious. I did fill that measuring cup, and was thinking that mom was going to go back on her promise.

After mom regained her composure, we sat on the bed, and explained again - in detail this time - about cup sizes. Then we both laughed. She leaned in, gave me a hug and said, "how about tomorrow morning you and I go shopping." I was SO excited!! "Really!!! You promise, cross your heart promise???" She promised, and even crossed her heart.

The next morning we went to target, headed straight for the bra isle that I had always walked past before, but never was allowed to stop. That day, we stopped and my heart was racing. SOO many choices!! Of course mom picked up the most plain and boring pull over, and I was like "Mom NOOO! It has to have straps and hooks!" Rolling her eyes, we chose a few that we both could agree on. After determining my size for both training bras (basic triangles WITH straps and hooks!), and very slightly padded 30aa's, we picked out 4 of each, tried them on in the dressing room. The first time I saw myself in the mirror with my new bra on, I felt so mature. "Does this make me a woman mom??" Mom smiled. "Not quite yet sweetie". I knew what she meant right away. The period thing. Gross.

As we headed home, mom gave me the rules. Who knew wearing bras came with rules?? I sure didn't. But mom's rules were pretty fair. They would be worn everyday on days I went outside. That meant, school, church, out with friends -- all the time. She went on to explain why they are called "training bras". In fact, she always referred to them as "training bras", instead of just "bra" for a full year since our first shopping trip. That always kind of irked me, making the ownership feel a bit insignificant, but it didn't matter. They were mine. By the time I was 14, i moved up to "real" bras.

To this day, both mom and I snicker whenever we pull out the 1/2 measuring cup. Nobody else ever knew, or could guess our secret joke. And that's the way it should be. Some memories are reserved for a grateful daughter and a one terrific mom.

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Good story! Very well written. It made me think and realize things that as a male, would never have occurred to me.

Very nice story, shows a good level of communication. Sometimes it is difficult to get parents to discuss these personal matters because their folks did not discuss it much with them. Please read my story, I think you will find it interesting.

<p>Very warm story. Something I wouldn't understand, but I guess there must be some sort of "rite of passage" to wearing your first bra. I don't remember it being any big deal with my daughter, but then again, her mother bought her the first one, just before she left, so what do I know? Of course, so many adult women can't wait to get rid of theirs, but I guess being 13 must make it different. Do you still wear them all the time?</P>

Growing up can be difficult no matter what age we are, but your closing paragraph seems to indicate that you turned out pretty well.

Great story!

What a cute story, Kelly! I laughed when you pulled out the measuring cup and can imagine it took your mom awhile to regain her composure. I always wondered why they were called training bras. I secretly wondered if there was some kind of boob olympics I'd missed. I understood that it took awhile to get used to them, especially if the hook is in the back. Who came up with that brilliant idea? FWIW, I think girls should be allowed to wear bras whenever they start asking for one. Better that than they endure teasing from friends for being different.

Trust me.... for girls between the ages on 10-14, there most certainly IS a boob Olympics. No 'late bloomer' ever won these silent girl-only games, not from any nation.

How very true. Excellent write up.

I am sure it can be hard for any girl who is a late bloomer. Guys have our own worries there, but I think it is worse for girls. Girls can be cruel with their teasing and far more competitive in many ways.