Been There...done That... Worn That Bra and Tight T-shirt! Lol

Not only do I remember my first bra, I have a picture of me wearing it. My mom took the picture because she was so proud of her “little woman.” I pulled that picture, as well as every naked baby picture I could find, out of the photo albums sometime just after I had my first boyfriend. Mom just loved showing them pictures of me growing up and as a teenager this terribly embarrassed me.


I don't really remember going to the store to get my bra, but I remember distinctly that I was the first girl in my class to develop. I was only in 5th grade when I came home one afternoon and my mom was waiting with her excited look with bra in hand. She dangled the white little bra with pink roses on it at me and motioned me to remove my shirt. She then showed me how to put the bra on and adjust its straps. She then removed it and stood there as I tried to place the bra back on my body. I had that thing so twisted that I looked like a contortionist's brutal experiment trying to get out of it. My mom fouind this hilarious and of course had to take pictures of it. My first bra was a 32B so I didn't get the cutesy training bras that all the other girls were allowed to wear.


I remember getting to school,feeling horribly self-conscious. It was like my bra was glowing neon pink underneath my shirt. I looked around at the other girls and wondered how many of them were wearing training bras. I couldn't tell because I was the only one with a “rack” in 5th grade.

I eventually started becoming more comfortable with the idea of a bra. Even though I felt they were idiotic (still do), they served a useful purpose in that they would not allow my breasts to droop like Elsie the milk cow, or at least that was what my grandmother told me they were for. I wore baggy shirts through at least the end of 8th grade when the other girls started catching up with me. My first appearance in appropriate fitting, show off my rack clothes, was when I went to the 8th grade dance. I didn't stop dancing all night as all the boys kept asking. This simply amazed me. From that day forward I walked with my head held high, my shoulders back,and my boobs out because I realized they could get me attention and I loved it.

So you are wondering about the pictures? Well they are in a photo album that I took when I left my parent's home never to see the light of day again.


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Isn't that mom's are supposed to do is embarrass their kids when a date comes over??? Part of the reason I don't bring them home... LOL!!!!!

Hehe! My sister had the one with the rose in the center. i think she was the only one of us sisters that could wear a training bra. The rest of us had to get a regular one.

I was 11 or 12 when my mum took me for my first bra. I was too mortified to give any input and she bought this white thing with a pink flower on. I ******* hated it. I've never been a fan of pink. I got a paper round at 13 just so I could buy my own underwear without parental input!

hehe! boy I do.



Lucky girl? WTF! Lucky SGT! lmao.

haha yep!

I am a DDD now

Well, not self conscious so much as don't like giving men a nudie show on the first date lol.