I remember when I had to get my first bra.  I was so upset.  My mother's uncle came to the house to do some work for her (he is a plumber).  I was around 10.  We hadn't seem if for several months and when he saw me he looked at me and said "hello knots". 

My mother started laughing and I didn't understand.  She explained to me after he left that he used to call her that when she was younger.  I still wasn't to sure about what she was telling me.  Then she said she was going to take me to buy a bra.  I was like why?  She said because of the knots.

Well, her uncle (I called him uncle too) came back the next day to finish up.  I went and hid becasue I was embarassed to see him.  Before I knew it he was yelling for me.  Hey knots come tell your uncle J^^^ hi.  Well while him and my mother got a good laugh I was in tears.

I got pasted it but to this day he still calls me knots.  He has always called my mother by her name; at least as long as I can remember.  But not me.  I guess the fact that he brought me to tears with the nickname was enough for him to keep it up for a lifetime.

I'm thankful I don't have to see him much.

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I bet those "Knots" are gone now...right??

Sounds like he was a real charmer.