About Time!

My mother bought a bra, gave it to me and told me to wear it when I was ready. I was so relieved because I'd been needing one for ages. I'd already got my period, but she didn't know that.

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Many times parents don't understand or may feel awkward discussing this stuff with us because their folks never discussed it with them. I had some gynecomastia since 12 yrs. old, I guess I was about an A cup. I had to start male HRT in sept 2012. After losing 45 lbs., I went from a 54A++ to a 48C! I went to Catherine's and got fitted and bought my first bras there. I am very happy with my decision. Please read my new story.

Yeh shame Lol but good u got a bra

That is a real shame you were not close enough to your mother to relate such an important personal event in your life.