My Rambler

I was going to say my first car was a 1978 Toyota Corrola SR5 - stick and all but as I was getting ready to write this story and quick thought actually popped in my mind. My uncle gave me my dad's old rambler he had sold to him - I think it was a 69-70 - it was totally rusted out and hardly ran .. I don't even think I had it on the road more than once - and we had to take it in for scrap as I know NOTHING about cars, nor had any real inclination to fix it up.

So that is my first real car - except I really didn't drive it - so my first car that I named was Ted (my license plate ) and truly the car I drove and remembered as the first - I even named it (the Tedmobile) ... and had dates and many experiences - including dropping 3 clutches in the thing - getting stranded a million times for many things (including ever time it would rain and the plugs would get wet).

Since the Rambler never really got out of the garage, I almost completely forgot about my real first car.
DeepForest DeepForest
Jul 24, 2010