Cars I've Been With

I Got my first car was when I was at 11th grade, it was in may 1995. My dad bought me a used 1991 Honda Civic. it had a 1.5L SOHC 16valve engine with about 92hp output... it's not the fastest in the civic line up then and also not the fastest in the streets of Jakarta, but sure is not the slowest either. starting 1997 I Did minor modifications on it, installed new sport exhaust header and muffler, 0.9mm spark plugs, Bosch performance sparks, K&N Air intake system, and full set of sport shock breakers (I forgot the brand), Polished the intake and combustion chamber, used 16" wheels and Dunlop SP tires. I guess it finally got an out put of 105-110 I think. I got My first kiss in that car... first BJ in that car, felt my first boobs in that car. also experience my first street racing with that car (didn't win alot though) but it was all fun.. I wanted to do more major modifications but I just didn't have the money then, so I just had to rely on tuning skills. it's not exackly a 10s car, never tried it at a drag *****, although I tried few laps at the Sentul Circuit, I got a surprisingly good time considering it's almost standard condition (maybe my driving skills was just good hehehe).

and at October 2000, that Civic got passed down to my sister, and my dad got me a brand new Toyota Kijang, you people in the united states may not know what a Toyota Kijang was... but it's very popular family vehicle In Indonesia. I personally Choose the 7 seater 2.4L Diesel Engine. I like Diesel engine due to their Fuel Economy and the high torque Output. It had about 80hp.. but the torque on that thing really slams your head back when I punch the gas pedal. It was really usefull car specially due to it's 7-seater capacity, surprisingly it was very agile and quick to zig-zag through jakarta traffic, but at the high way.. it only toped at 145km/hr and when it's above 4000rpm you could hardly listen to the car stereo, the engine was very noisy at that RPM.. my friends and I had alot of great times and went to a lot of interesting places with that car. didn't do any modifications on it.. I just kept it as much as possible to it's original factory setting, it as a trouble free car and very economic to drive and maintain, goes well with my low paying job as assistant lecturer at the university Engineering lab at that time.

in 2002 I graduated and went to get my master dagree atTexas A&M, I got a job as a waiter at few restaurants, and people/my friends pay me to tune/repair their car, because labor cost at autoshops are just to expensive for foreign students then. by doing those works I was able to buy a maroon red 1988 Mazda 626, it had 2.2L engine with Turbo and to my surprise it was had 4-wheel steering feature, this is the real first car that I bought with my own money. When I bought it the paint has already faded, but the body was still smooth, so I just let it look like the way it is, but did alot of replacements on the engine and other parts. I got the turbo to get serviced, got new muffler, installed K&N Air intake system, bought new sets of Shock Breakers and arms, changed the break pads, service the injectors, and fine tune the valves myself, realligning the 4ws system was tricky I had to go to houston to got it re-alligned. at the end I think I managed to bring back the original 145hp output.. maybe more.. 'cause it felt ALOT better then the first time I got it, I manage to get it up to 115 Mile/hr at the highway, not bad for a 14yrs old car.

at early 2004 I got back to jakarta, immedietly got a Job as an engineer at a Japanese Manufacturing Company. at first I used my old 2000 Toyota Kijang, but in November 2004 I was able to finance a brand new Toyota Kijang a.k.a Toyota Innova. again I opted for the diesel engine, only this time it had a 2.5L Tdi engine, it featured the common rail injection system. It had a 110hp output, better sound proofing system, and engine that runs alot smoother than my previous Kijang Diesel, also smoother ride. it also looks a lot different than the previous model. this time I opted for the Automatic transmission.

I am happily married now with two kids and now working as Drilling Supervisor at a local Oil Company, and still using that same Toyota Innova... well my wife use the car mostly. to commute from home to Office I usually took the train or ride my 1998 Yamaha V-Max (a mighty Beast from Yamaha 1.2L V4 145Hp, a bit too powerful I think) . we are Thinking of getting a 2nd car.. maybe the new Honda Freed is nice.. we'll see....
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May 23, 2012