First Time

I was 12 years old and some older girls who was babysitting made me put on panties, pantyhose and a bra filled with water balloons. Then they put a apron me and and did my nails hair and make up. Then they put they put my schools cheerleaders uniform on and stood me in the full length mirror and I almost fainted looking at he hottest cheerleader in school. They informed me that tryouts was today and they had aiready signed me up. They drive me to the school and make tryits and did a routine I watched the others had done in the past and go for it. I give it all I had and ended up Head Cheerleader
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Were they pink silky panties.

What an experience!

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Wow. Congrat's Sis, head cheer leader. What a wonderful sitter you had... Is she aware of what she started?