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Pretty Petticoated Dress

Oh my, yes I do remember my first experience.

Believe it or not I was 5 (I can remember that, but not what happened yesterday), an age I think alot of us started at.

I was watching TV (no pun intended), it was a program called "The Susan Show".

Susan would do various children show stuff, BUT she would also take her little dog and get on a Magic flying stool and go to a fantasy land.
The only thing I really remember that caught my attention and made me watch it was, She ALWAYS wore, what I thought , the prettiest dresses that had lots of FEMININE-Girly Petticoats underneath.
I would go to bed at night pretending that I was Susan, smoothing my Petticoated dress before I sat down and wearing a pretty ribbon or bow in my hair.
One day after watching the Susan Show, I low crawled into my mothers bedroom, open her dresser and just went "ALL GIRL".

I found the lacy half slip I had seen her wear before and put it on. OH MY GOD-How wonderful it felt. My mom was home at the time but in another room. She noticed I had left the TV room (PUN INTENDED), looked and caught me wearing her slip!

I'm sorry to say that, thats as far as it went---------she smiled, sort of giggled and left the room.

From that time on, I've always loved to dress and have always bought the prettiest GIRLY clothes.
Pastels in Foundation garments, lingerie and of course, lovely skirts and blouses, dresses too.
carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 1 Response Aug 8, 2011

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Very cute story and you're mom sounds great! Thanks for sharing!