The Party

My first time crossdressing came when I was 13. I lived with my mother and her girl friend. My mothers office was having a halloween party costum ball. I was now to old to go trick or treating so they asked if I wanted to go. My mothers friend came up with the idea of going as a girl. I wasn't crazy about the idea but my mother said no one there knows you. So I said Ok. Now I have should lenght hair that is kept neat. And cheryl has helped me with it and on occasion gave me a girls style for laughs. About a month before the party they had purchased everything for me to wear. About 6 different dress to try, shoes, panty hose, etc. I then tried on a dress but had to take it off because i needed to put a bra and panties on with a slip. I tried on several dresses until they decided on a green paisley print that felt like silk. It had a belt an was just what a 18 yr old girl would wear. No heels but a nice pair of 2 in blk pumps. I said I guess you'll return the other dresses. Cheryl said no, you have to practice being a girl for the party so we'll dress you in these. Everyday when I was home I was dressed up with makeup learning how to be a girl. On weekends I stayed dressed all day and had my hair curled. On the night of the party I was fully dressed and looked like any 18 yr old girl. Hair, makeup. nails, perfume everything to be a girl. On the way to the party my mother said we have one stop to make. We stopped at a beauty saloon where my mother had my ears pierced. They couldn't find clipson earrings  for a girl my age. At the party my mother was dressed as a damsil in distress and Cheryl as a roaring 20s girl. I was introduced to all these different women and girls as their daughter. When I asked my mother where were the other boys she told me, theres no men allowed at this party.I never realised to later that everyone there was a lesbian. I was treated as one of the girls. Danced with several younger girls and was even kissed. I came home totally confused and it took along time to figure what happened out. But today I wouldn't change a thing and love the life I have.
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Some gurls are just so luicky.

I would love to have a Mother like yours...;-)

Great story. I would really enjoy that.

A great story. As much fun to read, as to dream of such a life.

I agree that is some fantasy. Please write more on your journey.

(boing) *****.

The fact that they bought you all those outfits, I hope they kept you using them. How wonderful to have someone to support and enhance your feminine desires.

What a wonderful story and WOW to have the help of two women, one being your mom and the other her friend, to help you perfect your feminine presentation before the party. And what a neat time you must have had ... I've been with my wife to some lesbian gatherings and it has been great, being accepted as a woman, even those who knew I had a little secret in my panties.

I love this story sooo much!

I grew up in womens' world - mom, her mother and my 2 older sisters. With all of these ladies about, it was easy to purloin a few articles of clothing. What I could NOT steal, however, was the loving support you got as a young one. Hurray for you!

That's some fantasy.

My first crossdressing experience was also for halloween when i was 13. My mother suggested it and i only got to wear everything for that night but it planted the seeds of a life long passion.

lucky girl the perfect introduction to womanhood

Great story.. You were very lucky

You are so lucky.

Sounds like you had some very caring and understanding ladies in your life. So what did you figure out after your experience at the party?

I figured out who my Mom and Cheryl were. And that I wanted to be just like them.

It's wonderful that you had people around you that took the time to help you from beginning to end. In my case I had to learn on the fly, a little at a time, how to dress well. I don't know if there was any intent on Cheryl or your mother's part beyond having an exceptional Halloween costume, but it's so nice that this experience opened the door for an important part of your life. Thanks for sharing.