My Mom's Black Boots And Dress.

I was about 12. I always got hard from seeing my mom in her black, leather, high heeled, knee high boots specially when she wore them with her black satin dress with red dots and no sleeves. I loved the way she looked. I had had wet dreams of her 3 or 4 times.
One time I got home early from a party on a Friday night and my mom was having sex with her bf wearing those same clothes. She was bent over the kitchen table and as he went in she'd rub her booted legs and curl her toes. She was really enjoying it. And I came all over myself cos they never noticed I was outside of the house looking in from the dark.For about 2 weeks I would go into my moms bedroom and just stare at the boots and dress. Id get hard but I was son intimidated by them. They still reaked of hot sex.
One night my mom went out with her friends and she left me with a sitter. As the sitter was yaking away on the phone I snuck into my her room. I was nervous and my heart was pounding. I didnt know what was attracting me to her clothes. But I just went for it. I locked the door and took off all my clothes. I slowly put on her satin dress. That was the easy part cos it made no sound. Like I said it still had that combination smell of sex and perfume. And it turned me on.
The challenge were the boots and the sound the zippers made. They were so intimidating. My mom always felt so in control of her bf when put on her boots. I slowly and quietly zipped each boot down. The foot smell was also lovely. She would sometimes wear her boots barefoot.
I put on the right one first. It was a bit narrow and I was beginning to feel disapointed cos maybe my foot would not fit. But my it just barely went in. The came the slow and careful zipping. I was having trouble when it got half way through my calf. Again the prospect that the boot might not fit so disapointed me but didnt I give up. I mearely withstood the pain of how tight it was. And it was worth it. Pain or not I was not gonna be denied soo much pleasure.
Happily I was able to zip it all the way up to my knee. The second boot was the same. I had to be extra quiet cos the YKK zippers were a bit loud. As soon as the second boot went all the way up my c ockk just shot up! I had never felt soo much pleasure in my short life. god! It was awesome! I threw myself on my mom's bed and stroked myself. My penis had like a life of its own! It was shaking and I could feel all the blood and pleasure running toward the tip of my ****! I moaned! I was rubbing my legs and the sound of the leather turned me on even more. FInally it was just too much. All the *** came bursting out. Its like my penis had just exploded. Theres was sooo much *** on her dress, bed and boots. I moaned loud but the sitter just kept on yapping away .

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Similar early experience here, except it never involved my Mom, probably because my Mom was never sexy, she never would have worn hot boots for sure. It did involve an unknown woman at school when I was 8 years old and then a family friend who lived with us when I was 13. I am perhaps a more severe case. I had an awful time with my conscience after succumbing to the urge to play with her boots and inevitably being unable to keep from making a mess. The first couple times I cried afterwards. My "thing for boots" developed into a compelling desire to become female, to have a sex change and become the woman in the boots. I am curious how other members' obsession for boots evolves and changes over time.

I completely relate to this experience, as I had a very similar one to it myself. Thank you so much for sharing this experience.

I love the same thing. My mom's black heels and boots drive me crazy!