Started Young

When I was about 7 or so, I tried on my mom's panties and then pantyhose. They were too big, but felt incredible, silky, soft, smooth. I do not know what made me do it, but once I tried, I was hooked, So, I have been crossdressing almost 30 years. I tried my sister's panties and they fit well because she is close to my age, but they were little girl's and somehow not as pleasing to me. I did like her tights, Although the tights did not feel as nice as the pantyhose, they fit me like they were made for me. I did not understand any of this, but just knew what I liked.

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Most of us started this way at a young age wearing Mother's silky panties and loving it.

Sounds like you are a natural, so good for you

Funny, since my sister's panties fit me till I was like 17, then switched to my mom's clothes, but I always wore a mix of both. Sister and her girlfriend dressed me up when I was nine....we played house. I was often the daughter, and loved it. Have loved dressing ever since!

Ann, you do look so pretty, you should always be fem, and here's hoping your wife comes to see that

Hun, I neve have purged. I am me and this is how I need to dress. I enjoy feeling and being sensual

And you look great in your pantyhose, too, hun :)

I was hooked from the first time also. Started at age 6, now 54. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

I would love to hear, hun

Sounds kind of like my story :)

Oh, you were really lucky, tghubby. Your mom was so good to you. Mine took a while to figure me out

Ah yes, hooked ... I know what you mean. I was also about 7 when I tried on my first pair of panties, but they were given to me to wear by one of my two best friends, who happened to be girls. After that I asked my mom for panties and clothes like my friends and after a bit of conversation between us she started, buying me panties like my friends the next day. So I never tried on my mom's panties cause I had my own. Guress I missed something ...

you dirty boy, hehe

I luv dresssing in sexy lingerie as well,it feels so silly and sexy.just the thought of putting on something sexy makes me so hard

I think your wife might come around

Like you, there was something very special about my mother's panties when I put them on. I don't know weather I related them to panties that a grown-up wears, or just what made them special. I do know that she wore only Vanity Fair nylon briefs, and to this day they are my favorites too. I like the feeling of tight leg eleastics, and being covered completely. I could never enjoy thongs, how can they be called panties? Today I love to dress as a professional women..having conservative lingerie, white nylon brief panties, a bra with a little feminine touch, garter belt, half slip, and stockings, a two piece tailored women's suit, with a white or pastel nylon blouse underneath..and of course heels. I don't know why, but when I;m dressed, I feel a sense of female power. Hard to explain, I know.<br />
<br />

Oh, I know, as opposed to rough men's underwear

There is something about wearing panties, weather under male attire, or under a skirt or jeans. I know when I wear panties, my whole mental and physical feelings change. I am more at peace with myself. I find that I don't care if I am doing something that others would call me a sissy for doing. I am at peace with myself. I know that I am not interested in becoming a female, although when I am wearing female clothing, as I said, something changes within me. I like the change, I like myself more, if that makes sense.

I started to 'borrow' my mom's stockings and garter-belt when I was 12. I'm 56 now. I'd put on a bathrobe, hike it up to mini-length, and look at my legs in mirror. It was like -- wow! I'd spend hours ************ while looking at myself.

it is great to have sisters you can borrow from

My sister started dressing me at about age age 7 or 8. This continued until I was 15.<br />
I dressed on and of from 16 until 10 years ago.<br />
My wife and I are in a FLR, and remain dressed for her pleasure.

What does FLR stand for?

I have the same feelings sweetie. I started young, around 8. My Mom dressed me completly like a girl for a school Halloween party. I didn't understand the erotic sensations and feelings, but I too knew I liked and enjoyed it.

I just dressed myself and am not sure why

Jamie, my mother dressed me one Halloween. This was during the time that I as experimenting with wearing her panties, around eight or nine years of age. She bought me a proper skirt and blouse, ones that would fit me..but I remember how disapointed I was when I found out I was not going to be wearing panties. My mother just kept my boys undies on me. How much i want to feel the panties on underneath my outfit...


My Mother dressed me completly as a girl, stockings, garterbelt, panties, bra, slip, low heels,wig, and full make up. After the party I didn't want to take the clothes off. The feelings and the sensations I was getting was so wonderfull. It was the first erection I think I ever had. She did make me take everything off. But I always sneaked away and put on panties and a bra with a slip. Stopped when I went into the Army, then started back after I got out. I still love and enjoying wearing womens lingerie today at age 62. And do every day.

Jamie, you were really lucky to have such an understanding mother. Perhaps she knew what it would mean to you, to be able to experience the entire feminine dressing up. For me, now if I'm not properly dressed, panties, bra, etc..I can sense it immediately. Do you or anyone, think when you began to dress, began to feel those special feelings and was more exciting then, then it is now, when we are older. I know myself, I often look back and think of the times I dressed when I was very young, and also as a teenager.


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And then you were a transvestite for life, right?

You should do it. I bet you both love it

Thank you, both, for your comments and comliments. It is so sensual, isn't it?

A wonderful feeling of softness next to the skin, I wear silk french knickers every day.

Thank you for your comment, nicely written as well. But now you are back crossdressing, so good for you. I bet you were sorry when your sister left, taking your wardrobe with her.

Live and love as you are, not as others percieve you to be. It is our choice. I am happy for you to be yourself, by your own definitions.

Wow, you really went all in the first time. Good for you!

I don't know why I donned my Mom's pantyhose, bra and red rib knit body suit the first time but I am very glad that I did.<br />
<br />
Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

I am glad you have found what is right for you

Me, too, yes, me, too.<br />
<br />
I am next going to share my experience about what came next.

Oh, yes, with my body type, I am so much more comfortable in clothing made for the female shape. As a friend of mine likes to say to me, "you have a body more like a woman's, so it is only natural you should wear clothes made for a woman."

Thank you for the nice comments. Jamie, I wish your wife understood how lucky she was to have a husband with a little extra.<br />
<br />
Jennifer, I bet it feels and loks right on you.<br />
<br />
Dieter, what nice nice things to say. And I just put a story in gynecomastia about my bust development.<br />
<br />
And edreed, I bet your body found out what feels good, too.<br />
<br />
XOXOX<br />
<br />

I sure have,a person with a body like yours with that little something special to offer

A body just knows what it likes and what makes it feel good.You just found out at an early age

And you have been wearing panties, and more, ever since, right, Jennifer? It just feels right and natural and somehow meant-to-be.