My First Time

From my earliest memories I remember liking girly things. I had an older sister and when I was very young I was always more interested in playing with dolls and cooking sets than other toys. I was always more interested in hanging with the girls at school and felt like I should have been grouped with them. As early as fourth grade I distinctly remember wishing I was a girl, thinking about what I would wear and which football team I would be a cheerleader for.

The summer I was 12 a family moved into our neighborhood. They had a daughter who was 2 years older than me and she had developed very early. She was VERY built for her age. When I first saw her it was like a light switch flipped inside me. Instead of wanting to "get with her" like all the other guys in the neighborhood I wanted to look like her. I went home and put on some old to small, to tight shorts and a tshirt which I tied up in front to show my stomach and put socks in for boobs. (LOL We all start out with sock boobs!) I did this for about a year before I discovered the joys of my sisters closet.
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Cute story!

and we do all start with sock boobs :)

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

It sounds like you knew what you wanted from the beginning. So how did it turn out? <br />
Do you still find comfort in dressing like a girl? I started about the same age although it initally began as a game with my older sister. I didn't mind at first but I think my mother soon decided that our small family of three was better served as three girls than two girls and a boy. We had our disagreements through the early years but I eventually discovered living as a girl with the everyday joys of satin and and lace were far better than competing in a boys world.