My Halloween As A 9 Year Old Was More Embarrassing Than Fun.

I was 9 and it was not long after my sister first introduced me to dressing up. My mother, a growing supporter of my budding feminine relationship with my sister, told us she just bought us matching devil costumes. I suppose they were very cute but I was not expecting our recent "girlish" games to be flaunted through the neighborhood.  We wore red satin ears (almost like a playboy bunny) with a red sequined mask over the eyes. We also wore a red see thru mesh blouse with sequins and a red sparkly skirt that flared out much too easily with any passing breeze. We also each wore a pair of my sister's shoes with mini heels.  My mom used bright red lipstick and bright blue matching eye shadow. Needless to say, my resistance went largely ignored and my cheeks pretty much stayed bright red through the night. I was never recognized but we were frequently asked if we were sisters.  It may have been my imagination, but i seemed to get a lot of candy that year.
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So sweet and tingly girlish...would love to hear more about your 'girl experiences' and tell you about mine in turn.

Let's chat in our panties...okay ;-)

Hi. Are you online right now?

My must embarrassing Halloween came when I was about 7. I remember it to this day. My mother made me up as a baby....that's right, a baby. Complete with bonnet, a soother and pillowcase for a diaper. Oh, how I hated that Halloween.

Reading your story, though, I only had one thought.

I'm sure you looked dazzling, considering the natural hue of your cheeks went so well with the rest of your costume.

One of nine, I suspect.

And, I would have taken witch, or pixie, or any other costume that would have allowed me to NOT walk down the street with a pillow case for a diaper.

That's pretty crazy. I never went through that but it sounds like fun. It must have been tough but exciting at the same time.

I undetstand that. I've not worn one but I could try it.

I had so many opportunities to dress up in a girl's costume when I was younger, but I never did. Except for the time I went out dressed as a nurse. That was a fun Halloween.

I believe I was 12 or 13 at the time. My oldest sister was a nurse, and my other sister helped me get dressed up. Two of my other friends were also nurses, but everyone thought I looked the best and that my false breasts felt amazingly real. Go figure... It was fun. But I didn't like the attention from the guys as much as I loved the attention from the girls.

That's great Kay Lee and obviously your Mother read that your "protest" was more a smoke screen than for real ... smart woman.

So if you were wearing see-thru mesh blouses, did your mom also have you wearing a bra? Or did she let your nipples shine through?

You were so lucky to have such support. My family thought I was perverted

Well your 'secret' was out in the neighbourhood, wasn't it? ;-) It is too bad at the time you didn't enjoy it, but I imagine that your sis and mom did, and now when you look back some things like that are now high lights and fun to remember. So do you and your sis and mom still talk about it when Halloween comes around?

That's a great story in its self KayLee. You are so right it is a moot point who had the original idea of dressing you in a feminine costume, you or your Mom, that Halloween. I happened and since then it opened the door to your girlish life and that no doubt brings back fond memories not only for you, but for your Mom and sister as well.

Thats how i am who i am today because i was forced to dress up as a girl when i was little. But now its my comfort zone

Some times i often wonder if i wasnt made to dress up would i even have the feelings i have x

You and your sister wore corsets and skirts? Not the traditional devil red bodysuit with red tights?

When I was 9, my mother and aunt decided to dress my cousin and I up as girls. I pretended I didn't want to, but secretly I couldn't wait!! This was in the 70's, so they dressed us in a mini skirt, pantyhose, a bodysuit, and go go boots. We both also wore wigs. They put a little make up on us, but not much. <br />
<br />
I was always jealous that the girls got to wear tights and bodysuits -- so being able to wear them myself for a night was pure heaven!! I still have a thing for bodysuits and tights to this day...Thanks, Mom!!

I'm sorry it was so embarrassing for you! I really love Halloween dress-up stories, and thought yours was great. You and your sister were twins for the night!

Cool experience .... thanks for sharing.