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Ice Skating Heaven

My first time dressing myself up came when i was around age 12. My sister used to ice sKate but had recently quit, and all her ice skating dresses were in a bag in the corner of my moms office. Everyone in my house was gone and the yellow leotard on the top of the pile caught my eye. It was a bright yellow with little crystals on it. I couldn't resist the urge to try it on. So I did. I pranced about my house like I used to see my sister do in the ice rink. Eventually I tried every single one of those ice skating outfits on. There were pruple ones blue ones green one and red ones. I was in heaven. Eventually it got around the time when my family was coming home so I undressed. But I. Never forgot that feeling I got dressed in those outfits. So I still continue dress up to this day. :)
jessie3363 jessie3363 18-21, M 8 Responses Mar 28, 2012

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great story thanks for sharing it :)

I have one Ice skating dress from I first became enthralled by skating outfits when watching the winter olympics in 1968. Peggy Flemings pink skating dress and her beauty are clearly imprinted in my brain to this day.
Marissa Jill

It sounds like you had a wonderful start. Do you still have to dress in secret or are you a little it more open about it? Like I wear girls jeans all the time and it has never come up with anyone it is just accepted that I need a smaller pair of jeans than most.

It will always be a thrill for us men that like wearing silky satin materials, once is normally you hooked for life.

i didnt start till late but i enjoy it so much

hehe nothing is like the first time~! its just an adventure from there :)

Omg god I wish she would that would have been so exciting

Jessie, I am so envious. I was much younger when I first saw ice skating competition on tv for the Olympics. I thought the girls were amazingly beautiful in their flowing outfits that looked more like lingerie than costumes. I was home-schooled and dressing like a girl at the time. I also had to write stories every week for my mother as homework assignments. After watching the Oylmpics on tv, I wrote a story that I was a normal 15 year old boy but was forced to wear an ice-dance costume and made to skate together with the son of a mobster. I gave one copy of the story to my mother for homework but finished a private one that I kept secretly for myself. In my secret story the young man kept trying to make advances towards me until we ended up in a compromising position in the middle of the ice with hundreds of people watching.<br />
<br />
I forgot all about this story until I read yours. I hope I can still find that old story. Too bad you don't have your sister's costumes anymore. Can you imagine if you were caught wearing the costume by your sister who then put you in make-up and forced you to wear one of her dance outfits while you skated at the local park?<br />
<br />
To this day, the ice dancing specials on tv are my favorite part of the winter olympics.

You're my new idol. I am going to have to put that on my bucket list for this winter find a cute skating costume and go skating in the park.