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Grdlgrl's First Time

Much like many of you I started perusing the Sears, JCPenney, and Montgomery Ward catalogs. When you're just coming into puberty its a big deal to see women in their underwear. Eventually I started to wonder what it would feel like to wear one of these things . So I went to my mom's underwear drawer and found an open bottom girdle with a non stretch satin front and 4 garter tabs. I also came upon some stockings and the rest, as they say, is history. Over the years when I would be at a buddy's house I would go to their mom's drawer and look through it for other types if girdles. That's where I came across my first pair of pantyhose. In those early teen years it wasn't uncommon for me to liberate a girdle or stockings or pantyhose. It wasn't until some 12 or 15 years later that I became interested in bras and all- in-ones. A few years after that I discovered mail order, then came the internet and now my collection is so large I gave absolutely no idea how many things I have or even where it all is.
grdlgrl grdlgrl 61-65, M 14 Responses Apr 8, 2012

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Mum's were always the best,

Oh yes how the addiction grows from that tiny seed. But that initial pleasure that binds us forever is unforgettable I remember that pantcorselette and those dark cocoa tights that made me trapped in the wonderful world of feminine underwear and lycra catsuits

My experience is much like yours. A tight girdle(is there any other kind) is so arousing. Love to hear more from you. Please add me to your circle.

OH YES CATALOGS were my starting point!! And of course my mother's drawers. She wore a lot of AIOs so I was into them early. Wife is OK with me wearing girdles, tights and panties but is not keen on bras. So no AIOS for now.

I too remember those Sears catalogs. Brings back memories.

still like looking at the cataloques, in fact i just bought my first girdle from the sears cataloque last week,, looks and feels great

Awesome! I remember those catalogs well. They certainly piqued my curiosity during my adolescent years. Funny too, how our CDing evolves, and escalates over time.

loved looking at the lingerie in those old catalogs

Good times - I too remember as a young' n crawling in front of my parents bed in the middle of the night to rummage through moms dresser trying not to wake my parents . This section had the PH, this side had the panties - One day I came a cross a particular article ; sheer , soft ,kinda like a tiny bra, but no cups ?! Hm. No padding? No hooks - wierd ??!?!? How the heck ??! <br />
Let's see , head here.. shoulders / arms through here... what is this opening for ?!?!? Huh ? - duh !<br />
Okay - I was young then - oh if I only had the missed opportunities I had then as a young'n again.... <br />
Yeah - it was an open crotch panty. - Ooo mom ! Sassy ! Oh dad - works for you ?!! You gonna tap that neatly trimmed ***** hair covered **** hole of mom's tonight ? Wow- I had to try this on ! No support at all, of course !! But ooh , how sexy I felt ! My **** immediately grew to a nice stiff erection that I quickly jerk off and stroked to ****** - shooting my hot ,white young seed into my free hand - that may have been around the time I started to figure out to use a tissue to catch my goods - to keep things clean and prevent staining and soling the clothes I was getting myself off on.<br />
Good ole days are right ! Thank you all for sharing your stories and comments - brings back the memories...

your wife's got your stuff!

ahhh there you are please add me

Department store catalogs and my mother's clothes were definitely my springboard to a lifetime of happy crossdressing as well. Even after I was on my own and buying my own clothes, I would still pick up (and in later years had to buy) the Sears and JC Penny print catalogs because I enjoyed looking through the women's clothing sections page by page. Growing up, l got to know my mother's underwear drawer very well, and knew each panty, bra, girdle, and all-in-one by heart. It never occurred to me, though, to check out the dresser drawers of my friends' mothers. I'm really kicking myself for not thinking of that at the time. Thanks for sharing your story.

Yes I,too, resorted to buying Sears Penney and Montgomery Ward catalogs in their latter years. Like you, just to peruse the women's section page by page. Sometimes I long for those simpler days!

I think I got hooked on lingerie too by looking at catalogs from Sears, JC Penny & Montgomery Wards... When I was a kid, I would look at the lingerie section when no one was around, but if someone was around I looked at the toy section...

Great story above the evolution of your journey. Mine much the same in the outset, then dormancy for years, and then the attraction to underthings resurfaced. I use the internet, the mail order, and depend on Brabarella, Lady Grace, and Bare Essentials for my shapewear and bras. I also checked out my buddy's moms drawers for "treasure" and often struck it rich. There was plenty to find in the 50's and 60's to excite the young man.<br />
Right now I'm wearing Rago and Glarmorise, the bra a very high back posture style, front closure, minimizer with cup inserts.