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Wow, A Day To Remember

Do you remember that first time you put your first high heels on, and how it made you feel? I will never forget that first time going out as a young girl. Like most of us I played around with my mom's shoes and clothes, nothing really serious, just having fun, until my 14th brithday. That was the day my life changed forever and better. My cousin and I would play dressup. She and I were pretty much the same size, so one day we decided to dressup as opposites. She put on my clothes and I put on hers. She had these beautiful high heeled pumps that were a little tight. I practiced walking in them and got pretty good at it. We had some fun, but that's as far as we took it. The next weekend, I called her and said that I wanted to take it further, I mean all the way, and she was happy to help. We decided that the next weekend we would go out as sisters and prepared to do so. This is where the fun started.

Being very close to my mom, I told her of what we were planning, she was surprised, but was okay with it and said she would help. The next night we went shopping for what I needed. We went to the local mall and started the hunt for my first all girl outfit. My mom was a steady customer at a local woman's undergarment shop. The lady there measured me for a bra and panty girdle and gave me inserts for my breasts. Next we went to a shop for a dress and a skirt and a few tops. Then on to Baker's shoes, and picked two pair of pumps, one with 2 inch heels the other ones were stiletto's. which I adored, and some panty hose as well. All the sales people were friendly and we I tryed on every item to make sure everything fit, and it did.

That whole week after school I would come home and put the heels on and learn to walk. By mid week I was ready, so we had a try on night to see which outfit I was going to wear. I decided on the red skirt, with the vee neck top and the 2 inch heels. Saturday was the day to get my hair done, so my mom the day before picked up for me a pair of girls jeans and a pair of flats to wear to the beauty parlor
so I would look like a girl. The flats, jeans and top worked as I have very femme features. We did my hair which was pretty long as a ponytail style. The big night was approching.

My cousin came over, we both got dressed and went to the movies as sisters. I was a little nervous, but after an hour I felt just like any other girl that was there. Nobody noticed I wasn't a girl and we had an awesome time. That was the beginning of my life long CD experience. I hope you like my story, because Its just so much fun being a girl.

MiriamK MiriamK 56-60, T 10 Responses May 3, 2012

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You're so very lucky, but I'm pretty sure you know that. Thanks for sharing such a heart warming story.



What a great family :D

WOW, What a great story. Your so lucky to have a Mom who helped and a great Cousin.

What a great story! You had a very understanding mom. Wish I had a girl cousin like you do.

Great story. I sounds like mine with mom dressing me. If you want read mine. The first time I crossdressed.

Fantastic story. Your very lucky to have a cousin that was open and willing to help you come out and try what you wanted. You are incredibly strong as well to tell your mom your plans and your mom is something else to get involved and help you with everything. I wish I had the courage when I was young, I had the opertunity but chickened out. On the other hand I would not have my own fantastic family if I took that fork in the road.

Wish I had that experience! I don't think anyone did when I was that age. My first memory was being about 6 or 7 years old, but really did not think about it again till in my late 20's. now in my 40's I can affordd the clothes, just get get a look to pull it off.<br />
<br />
oh well...envious

I had no help - just used my sister's stuff - now some years later I love to shop

I felt great, even at age 5 ... felt wonderful actually. As Time went on and I kept wearing them and my Mom even commented that I was a natural walking in them.

nice to have a understanding mom and a cousin to help sounds like a fun night