First Time In Womens Underwear

I was 14 staying long term with my aunt and uncle whilst parents were working in another part of the country. I had stayed off school ill with minor complain.t my aunty had gone to town shopping, all i remember was going into her bedroom opening her dressing table draw and seeing stockings girdles and slips i guess panties not to sure all i know is i was thrilled to look at them i felt them and held her sheer tan stockings aaginst my smooth face they felt devine and smelt of perfume. the next thing i recall was stripping off where i stood with a huge erection. i then put on her stockings and the girdle i began to walk up and down mincing as i went what a rush ! the next thing i was wankin g my **** and shot ***** all over her bedroom carpet. a wonderful experience ive since reapeted all m life. shje has passe away many years ago. over the years ive dressed in wifes mothers neices underwear feels great now have my own heels stockings garterbelt love being a woman.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

I started with my mother's clothes - panty, bra, girdle, and stockings - but could have just as easily have started with clothes of some of my aunts as well. There is something extra special about wearing the clothes of others. I have my own clothes as well, but always felt a different kind of excitement and feeling when wearing underwear and clothes of other women.