5ft10, Muscular And Dressed In A Bra And Panty.

I remember the sensual and erotic feeling when I first put on a womans undergarment. Lacy, frilly and pink panties being pulled up around my man parts. That examining look in the mirror. The indecision...should I take them off now? or shall I leave them on? after walking around a bit, I re visited my wife's underwear drawer and took out a pastel blue bra and after much struggling to put it on, I looked at what was going to be the transformed me. I felt good in that outfit and even better when I put man clothes over them as I has to go to the supermarket. I found myself trying to guess what other women had on underneath, knowing full well that my outfit was sexy and comfortable. That night when I put on a pantyhose and half slip and sat down to eat in front of the TV, I felt so at home and guiltless. Why, when that type of clothing is so comfortable and makes you feel so good, should women have the sole right to wear it?
errolmcc errolmcc
46-50, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

I, too, just love the feeling of wearing women's clothes, and have never felt guilty about it. Watching what other women are wearing while out and about is a lot of fun, and gives me good ideas about what to wear (or not wear) when I dress up. Thanks for sharing.