My First Step Down A Long Road

My first time I was 8 and home alone. My brothers were out on dates. My parents went to the weekly grocery run. I was watching a war movie so my dad said to stay home enjoy the movie. Well the movie ended about 30 minutes later and a movie started with Grete Garbo she put on stockings in a very sexy way and exposed her legs and garter strap. Well this got me thinking about my mother’s clothes and how she did the same thing. I had always been very curious about her clothes. I went into the master bedroom and opened her drawers and found the panties, girdles, bras and stockings. I just had to feel them and ended up wearing them. From that night on I would wear her clothes as often as I could. Not to mention aunts, mothers of my friends, and any clothes I could get off clothesline. This was over 47 years ago. Today I have my own clothes but still love to wear another woman’s clothes if I get the opportunity.
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11 Responses May 23, 2012

I started around the same age in a similar way. Luckily I had a sister too.

Oh, so you were the one steeling my mom's clothes off her clothes line. I was suppose to wear them and you got to them first.

Has wearing other women's clothes ever gotten you in trouble?

stockings with garterbelt what we want more years ago ,the best on the world ,iam the same as you sweety

I still wear these to this day. I enjoy the open bottom feeling and I get a thrill by the thought that my skirt or dress might lift up just a little too much.

grest story..... nice way to start. so was it a long hard road yo get where you are now?

Almost all of my clothes were worn by another woman. I buy my lingerie at thrift stores. Many times I have wondered about the woman or girl who wore the lingerie before me. If only the clothes could talk.
On some of my really sexy lingerie I have noticed some stains when I bought them. *** stain or ***** juice? Would be interesting to know

Been there, done that, and still enjoy wearing second hand clothes.

I'ts just like, once tasted alwys wanted!

There seem to be a lot of us, just like you.....the old saying...."try it, you'll like it" haha

Yes, this is such a fantastic story, thank you, I've alway s adored womens clothes!

Such a great story - from Greta Garbo to your own clothes. I can relate to finding the jackpot of clothes in one's mother's dresser drawers. My mothers clothes kept be busy for years. I regret, however, of not thinking of trying on clothes from some of my aunts or mothers of my friends. Thanks for sharing.