First Time

I must have been around 13 or so - this was back in the mid-seventies, so there were still lots of girdle adverts on TV. I remember being fascinated by these things. In a storage cupboard, my mum had a carboard tube in which she kept - of all things - knitting needles. Back in days of old (i.e. the fifties or sixties :>), girdles must have been sold in these cardboard tubes, and this tube had a picture of a woman in an open girdle. Looking back, some of these pictures were hilarious - she's standing there wearing nothing but her girdle and a short fur coat. I guess this was to give a sense of glamour! Anyway, I used to be obsessed with that picture. What must it be like to wear one of those?

My mother used to work in the mornings. One day, it occurred to me - don't ask why - to check out if she actually had a girdle of her own. So I went upstairs and looked. And, sure enough, found one. The feel of the material as I held it seemed so exotic. Then the inevitable thought occurred - what would it be like to wear it? My heart immediately started racing, as I realised there was nothing to stop me trying it on. I took off my jeans and, standing in front of the full-length mirror, stepped into it. My hands were shaking and, to hear me heavy breathing, you would have thought I'd just run a four minute mile. I must have been there for only minutes, but it seemed ages - I kept thinking that I should take it off, as this was so totally wrong. But, eventually, I leaned down quickly (before I could reconsider and chicken out), grabbed the waistband and pulled it up. I can still see my reflection in my minds eye - staring wide-eyed at myself as I tugged on my mum's panty girdle.

The feeling was amazing, but I couldn't get over the sight of my reflection - I was actually wearing a girdle! I quickly stepped back into my jeans, pulled them up and fastened them. The close-fitting jeans just accentuated the girdle's tightness. I did the comedy stiff-legged walk downstairs, slumped in a chair (with a gasp), and spent the morning watching kids' holiday TV while continually wriggling about in the chair to feel the girdle resist my movements.

I wore it every time I could after that. Within a few months I even plucked up the courage to wear it to school. Then I went to school in her corselette. Then in her girdle and bra. One day I even dressed completely as a woman in front of my cousin, shocking him no end - you should have seen the expression on his face as he "accidentally" walked in on me squeezing myself into her girdle!

And now I'm pushing 50 and still girdled - see my photo album for the horrifying proof!
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Jun 26, 2012