My First Crossdressing Experiences

Of course there must have been a first time but I'm not quite sure I can recall that in all details. Crossdressing is something I gradually got sucked into some 50 years ago. When I was some 13 years old, every weekday when I came home from school, my mum left to visit my granddad who was in hospital after a severe traffic accident. As my brother and sister came home much later I had some hours all for myself at home
I remember my mum had in the attic a large bag with old dresses, skirts, undergarment, she would bring to a charity store once or twice a year. That bag was a real starting crossdressers delight. I do remember dressing up in a beautiful red calf length circle skirt and a cream colored sheer silk blouse. When I looked in the mirror I wasn't entirely satisfied with the image of the flat chested girl I saw. So I went to my mum's lingeriecabinet and borrowed a bra that I stuffed with some faceclothes and I liked the image I saw in the mirror much better.
For several weeks I could experiment with the clothes in the charity bag. Thrilling! Needless to say that I never really succeeded in quitting my crossdressing habit.
cindytvholland cindytvholland
Jul 10, 2012