My First Experience As A Crossdresser.

When I was in the sixth grade I was grounded for a the entire third term. Before this third term I had heavily researched into TG. One day I was home alone, it was friday every second friday I was home alone for 2-3 hours after school. I had been digging around my room and found a bag of Halloween costumes from various family memebers that the family was given to pick costumes out of. I found this very feminine pink and black witches costume and fell in love. This was an odd attration for me because I hadn't quite realized my identity yet but I slipped the dress on and put my mothers hairband on and was enamored. I loved the feminine clothing and lifestyle. I whipped the dress off and ran up to my mothers room and found a blue skirt, and gray long sleave shirt, some black lack panties and, a undershirt with a built-in bra. Stuffing the bra with shirts I put on the the rest of the clothing and some earrings that required no peircing. When I saw myself I was so amazed at the femininity I had pulled off. My mother sent me to live with my father not long after maybe 2 months. I'm 13 now and haven't slowed down crossdressing. I have realized I am Bi-Gender and have told a few people but not many. Thank you so much for reading.
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As a thirteen year old, you may have many more years of cross dressing happiness. Be the person you want to be, be true to yourself.


Your exploring your true self. Keep up the great work. Don't deny yourself of this. If you need help, contact me please.

Fabulous sweetie



Sounds like you are well on your way, if you need any advice don't hesitate to shoot me a message.