Comfy With Myself

I started when I was very young also, and then for many years I completely hid my fetish. Now I am comfy with it and express it anytime I can, thanks to a loving and accepting wife =) My first times I thought something was wrong with me, maybe that I was gay (a bad word in my house) but now that I am older I know I am hetero with a bi-curious streak, but mostly I just look hot in girl clothes! haha! Feels so good to know I am not alone, thanks girls!
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thanks for reading my story. feel very alone with my needs . wish had more freinds. to relate with. Suppose u have to get on with life. i'm bit frustrated because i cant really push boundaries too muc h. thought of going to c/d group or somthing . maybe i should

Fabulous sweetie

Wonderful ... and isn't it great to have a loving supportive wife! I do too ...

I think you are hot

I can relate with you sweetie, I too started young and had the same feelings about what I was feeling when I dressed. I knew I enjoyed it and it felt so wonderful, but was it wrong? Over the years I now know it isn't wrong and there are so many others that I have met and chatted with that I accept it and love it even more as I get older.

Great to hear such a story, honest and heart warming to know some people have the support of others. I have been hidding for years, as my wife is not so supportive.

Glad you have a supportive wife, that can make a big difference.