Lucy Was Born

i was 5 years old and playing in a little play house and they had costumes for everyone but i had to have a girly flower dress. i would twirl around in it imagining i was a girl ever since then i have always had the desire to dress as a girl. but im not a sweet innocent one anymore..
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My story is from bout same age.

Well Lucy, you got a little earlier start than I did. I started my dressing at 6, but it wasn't costumes I wore. It was clothes my mom bought me when I told her I wanted clothes and panties like my two best friends wore (who happened to be girls).

thats amazing i wish i had the sense to do that. would have loved to be wearing proper panties to school then. i guess it was easier as you got older because your mum already knew. im jealous hehe

Thanks ... but no reason to be jealous because you, like me, are dressing now.